Saturday, September 03, 2005


4 months work... down the drain

I worked all summer on a centennial special that was supposed to air Sept. 1st. That really sucks.

I travelled the entire province, talking to ordinary and extra-ordinary people about Alberta and what being Albertan meant to them. Those stories will never be told. That also sucks.

I wonder who is going to call all those people to tell them that the show won't air. Probably me. Once we are back in. Possibly weeks or months down the road. I will have to call and apologize to those wonderful people who agreed to meet with me and tell me their stories, who welcomed me into their homes.

I'm not looking forward to that.
You should at least write up something for CBContheline or CBCUnlocked (launching tuesday-wednesday) get something out there for the folks in Alberta.
Hey you,

Just so you know, I`m thinking of all my friends across the country who are picketing back and forth. This time (and I`m not saying it`s a good or bad thing) but we are all out together. Just wish I had my close friends who have moved to various CBC locations with me. If it wasn`t for my picket captain duty, I would have loved to come walk with you.

Lots of love, from that editor you used to work with.... you know the one who just can`t sit still when you bring funky music in!!!
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