Tuesday, September 06, 2005


En français, SVP!

In my "real" life, when I am not blogging and locked-out of my workplace, I am an executive producer for french television in Western Canada. I love my job and as many have stated on their blogs, feel a certain vocation in doing what I do. This stems largely from the fact that I am a French Canadian who grew up in the West and feel it is important to preserve and protect my French Canadian language and culture. Not always easy to do in a minority situation, especially in Alberta!! But important work it is because regardless what many people believe there is a thriving French community outside the province of Québec.

I bring this up today because I notice that when the media talks about the "labour dispute" at the CBC, many of them are quick to say that this affects only English Television and Radio, since our colleagues in Québec belong to a different union (or unions to be exact). This frustrates me because they fail to realize or take into account that every CBC location across the country has the Radio-Canada counterpart.

True, our french equivalent to The National, "Le Téléjournal" is still being aired since it comes out of Montréal and all employees in that province are still working. But the newscast would normally consist of items from across the country. Items prepared and produced by CMG reporters, techniciens and producers. This is not happening. So at the moment, there is not much "national" content during those newscasts.

Hitting closer to home is the fact that the french-speaking audiences in our communities outside of Québec are not able to get their own local news in their spoken language. While CBC audiences can tune into alternative television and radio stations to get the gist of what is happening in their city, Radio-Canada viewers and listeners don't have that option as we were their ONLY option for local news in their language.

Just another point to consider on how this lock-out is affecting our nation as a whole.

Bravo Lynne! Entièrement d'accord avec toi!


P.S. Je viens de lire toutes tes entrées à date. Continue le beau travail. Bon courage et allô à Eugène!
Your comment about french-speaking audiences applies equally to the english speaking audiences outside of the cities. Once you get beyond the transmitter range of city broadcasts, your off-air selection starts to get pretty slim. In the smallest communities, CBC will probably be the only signal available, without subscribing to a third party provider.
As for the private broadcasters, the TV Societies in some of these places should be commended for their efforts in providing their citizens with something a lot of Canadians take for granted.
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