Friday, September 02, 2005


Fireworks : front row and center

Yesterday was Alberta's centennial. We took our kids down to see the fireworks. We didn't really plan it, just went out for a drive with them since they'd been cooped up in the house too long and decided last minute to see if we could find a spot to watch the fireworks from. Well, we found a spot. But I firmly believe that when your kids leave the show with pieces of the firework casings... you are sitting too close. Oh well, they had a hoot.

And now for todays news...

After a quick stop at the picket line to drop off some muffins to our buds, we were off to the food bank to volunteer our time and energy. Is it just me or was that hard work??! I am seriously exhausted. We were busy the entire time, lots of food to sort, hampers to be made up. I don't know how a family of four can live off what they put in a hamper for four. I kept thinking of us and our kids and wondering how we'd live off that. We really are blessed, regardless of what is happening in our lives.

And then there's New Orleans... don't get me started. I cry at commercials so imagine me watching images of this on TV. It's not pretty.

The long weekend is approaching. What to do... what to do...

We were supposed to have family come in from out of town but they changed their mind. Just as well... they would have gotten sick of pasta pretty quick. My husband and I are both on the line so we're on a tight budget. I'm sure they would have understood but now they won't have to.

I've been wanting to redo a section of the basement for a long time. Maybe I should do that. There's a wall that has to come down. Demolishing that would feel great right now. It would be a nice way to take out my frustrations.

But then it would be a mess downstairs. Because I don't dare spend money to fix it up.

So annoying... all the time to do those projects you always put off but... do I really want to spend our savings on a reno right now? I may need that money to buy more pasta down the road.

Oh, before I sign off... if ever you give food to the Food Bank, DO NOT GIVE KD!!! They have enough KD to last the next 10 years I am sure. Give canned fruit and veggies, and coffee, and sugar. Give lots of sugar.
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