Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Settling in...

We had a meeting for all CMG members in Edmonton today. It was great to see everyone, some people I hadn't seen in weeks since I don't picket downtown. Great as it was, there was a definate shift in the mood, compared to our last Guild meeting two weeks ago. There seems to be a sense that we are in this for the long haul. The novelty has worn off (though I wonder if it was ever really there). The people I talked to said they just want to get back to work but you sense that it is not at any cost. People seem to have accepted the idea that this could go on for awhile and, despite the hardships and frustrations it may and most probably will cause, they seem resigned to doing whatever it takes to hold the line.

We're talking about planning events for the end of Sept, maybe even something in October. People seem to have let go of the idea that hockey will get us back in. And as disappointing as that may be, it just seems to be "the way it's gotta be". No one likes the idea, but they like the idea of contractualization even less.

As for me, I see the toll this has taken on my colleagues. Some people are working numerous jobs, besides picket duty, in order to make ends meet. Some are having relationship problems due to the stress this has created in their households. Others, passionnate as they are about public broadcasting, wonder how they could return to work for a corporation that just doesn't seem to want to commit to their employees. But quitting the fight doesn't seem to be an option. People feel that this is a fight that deserves fighting.

I wonder if anyone around that negotiating table has listened to Tod's podcast on the future of CBC. I hope so. He makes alot of good points. If it's true that the Prime Minister has that podcast on his desk, on his to-do list, wouldn't that be something? It obviously would have had to make an impact with someone down the chain for it to be deemed "worthy" of the PM's attention.

I really hope he does listen to it. It'd be nice to know that someone out there is listening.

Lynne, I'm glad to see you and the slightly slimmer kid from Ponteix are adjusting to life on the picket line. I know reality can be nasty sometimes but take it from someone who has been out many times before life does return to normal, but it takes time. Everything you are experiencing is perfectly normal for someone who's employer has said "we don't value your work so we're locking the door" It's tough but your strong and we'll all survive this together. Bye the way say hi to Guy Moquin if you see him
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Hey chickie,
Très contente de voir que vous allez bien malgré tout! J'ai souvent pensé a vous deux depuis longtemps. Ici, ça va assez bien - sick of it all of course but less stressed than I was on the inside waiting to be called in everyday - says alot about job security within the Mother Corp doesn't it? 13 years into it and still casual/contract /bouchetrou!

Kids are great -sweet and they make everyday so much brighter - I can only imagine how down I would be if I didn't have their chubby little faces to come home to every night.

Stéphane va bien aussi - things are becoming more financially stressful but everyone is healthy so life is good. I hope it's the same for you guys.

Listen, I'll drop a line soon - just wanted you to know we're thinking about you all the way out here in the capital!
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