Saturday, September 10, 2005


Together again... and again.... and again

As I've mentioned before, my husband and I are experiencing this "growth opportunity" together. We are both locked out and hence, are spending ALOT of time together. We picket together, do projects around the house together... together, together, together!

I guess we already spent more time together than most couples since we both work for Radio-Canada but as I am in television and he is in radio, we did not actually WORK together. But, it has always been convenient and satisfying to have a spouse who knew your work environment, who knew the people you complained about at the end of the day and who basically, just understood the "Culture of the Corp".

Now that we are both out and walking the line together I have one thing to say :


We both GET it. Whereas many of our non-CBC friends just don't understand what this kind of situation can do to you, mentally and emotionally, my hubby and I are able to support each other and encourage each other.

I know our friends mean well but even just the other night, I'm with a bunch of girlfriends and one of them happens to be a Telus worker (a manager, actually) who is talking about how tough it is for the managers who are working such long hours during their own lock-out and "you know, the money is great but it is so hard on them working those long hours..."

Puleeeze!! I just wanted to scream. Fine if you think that but could you wait until I walk away to spew the crap? Very easy to say when you have money coming in, don't you think?

Now, before you all start sending me comments, telling me that you're sure she didn't say that to make me feel bad, etc etc, let me spare you the trouble. I know that. The woman who said that is one of the nicest women I know, a very good friend who wouldn't ever hurt a soul. I KNOW she didn't say that to make me angry or to hurt me in anyway. She would be crushed if she knew how much it did. I am using this simply as an example to illustrate my point about how people, even those who really care about you, just don't GET it. I'm sure she was just trying to put across that this is hard for everyone involved, whether you are inside or outside.

But unless you have been on THIS side of a labour dispute, you cannot possibly know that that is not the way to make us feel better. Regardless how difficult it must be for these managers to be away from their families and working such long hours, not having a paycheque and not knowing when you will get one again is a pretty huge stress. And uncertainty tends to breed a certain resentment.

Some friends and family have been incredible to us during this time. Unbelievably concerned and unconditionnally supportive. Even some that I totally didn't expect have been the ones who have called to make sure we were ok or have come over with little things to help out in their own way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I know I am not easy to be around at the moment. I've become a self-imposed hermit, in a way. It just feels easier to stick with people who GET it, instead of trying to make polite small talk with people that don't. Selfish? Probably. Self-preservation? Definately.

But for right now, I am just happy that my husband is in this with me. That we are experiencing this "growth??" together. That I'm with someone who GETS it. And the extra time together is a real bonus. And that can't be bad. Let's just hope he feels the same way.

Salut Lynne,

Heureux d'avoir de tes nouvelles. Je ne croyais jamais voir autant de bloggers chez CBC.

Au plaisir de te voir et de voir tous les amis reprendre les ondes bientôt!

Salut Eugène itou...

Hi Lynne and Eugene,

Thinking of you guys often. When this is all over and done we will need to get together for a bottle of port or two. Love to your family.

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