Thursday, September 01, 2005


Us & Them

Have you had the pleasure of reading the email that was sent to all managers a few days before the lockout? It contained "picket-line étiquette" to all the people who would be "locked-in" during the lock-out.

Read it here :

Frankly, I'm appalled. What are these people thinking? They act like we are to be punished but punished for what, exactly?

For being locked-out?

For wanting some job security?


Thankfully, some managers across the country are not taking this "advice". Because trust me, it's BAD advice. These "picketers" (also known as "employees") are the ones that you will all need to work with once this whole mess gets resolved.

Us "picketers" will be the ones putting together fabulous shows to win back our viewers and listeners.

My advice : Let's just respect each other. We can differ on opinions or on the way things should be done at the Corp. That is pretty much why we are out here at the moment. But don't belittle us, don't chastise us. Don't act like we don't exist. Because trust me, even with managers bringing us food and drink, we are still "not comfortable" out their picketing. It definately isn't making us want to stay out there longer. We are not sitting out there saying "Wow, this is great! More donuts! Gee... I don't ever want to go back to work!"

Give me a break... We want a quick resolution to this, just like you do.

Shame on you, Fred and Krista, for handing out such bad advice.

Good grief... do I need to call your mothers, too?
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